Frequently Asked Questions about the IBE

Do I need to attent a training before I can start working with the booking engine?

No, caesar data is intuitive and transparent. The administration menu contains a traffic light system, which guides you throw the data maintenance. No training is necessary!

Do I need a minimum number of rooms to use the engine?

No, caesar data is also a solution for little hotels or guesthouses to manage their online bookings.

Do I, as a hotel, pay any commission to caesar data & software ltd.?

No, in contrast to booking portals, such as or HRS, caesar data is not charging any commission. You as the hotel pay one fix amount which is guaranteed for the whole contract duration. Click here for more information about our pricing.

What is the price of the booking engine?

Das The IBE costs 25,00€ per month. Click here to find more information about the pricing.

Do I need a new software? How can I maintain my data?

caesar data is a webbased solution. The booking engine as well as the data maintenance is available online. You can login to the system anytime and anywhere to update your data.

Which version of the IBE suits me best?

In general caesarclassic suits every hotel.
For familyfriendly hotels with special family rooms or prices for children, we recommend the version for family and leisure hotels, caesarfamily.
More information regarding our products can be found here.
If you need any help by chosing the right version, feel free to contact us.

We are using a PMS. Has caesar data an interface for such a system?

We provide an interface to various property management systems. The PMS send us the availabilities and some systems also provides bookingimports. The usage of the interface is free.
For more information, please click here.

Is it possible to show pictures in the booking mask?

Of course, you will find a short description in the adminstration menu.

Who is responsible for the colouring of the booking mask?

The team of caesar data will fit the mask to the colours of your website. The following adjudments can be taken: background colour, font colour, button colour (is equal to headlines and lines) and the font colour of the buttons.
If the colouring of the websites is changing, caesar data will of course adapt the colours without any charge.

How do I implement the booking mask to my website?

The implementation works with a simple linkage. This will be done by the hotel.

What kind of linkage to I have?

Is it possible to put the Availability Query on every site of my homepage?

JYes, this works via Quickcheck. You can find complete scripts for creating and implementing the Quickcheck in the administration menu. It can be put on every site and any number of times – intern or extern, for example in a newsletter.
Examples for the usage of the Quickcheck can be found on the website of new_img Hotel Rheingold in Freiburg and new_img Hotel Atlantis in Vienna.

How long does the period of the contract last?

There is no period planned. You are free to resign any time.

You decide to use caesar data as IBE for your hotel. What do you have to do next?

After having received the signed contract, caesar data needs” maximum” three hours (on workdays) to set up the engine for your hotel. Afterwards you will get your login data by email and you will be free to start working with the system. Please, download the contracts here.

How does the hotel receive any reservations?

The system sends a confirmation email to the hotel and to the customer right after booking. Confirmation by Fax is not possible, but most internet providers offer ‘mail-to-fax’ transfer.