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Internet Booking Engine

Let your guests book directly on your website and save yourself the high commissions of the booking portals. With our online booking system this is no problem at all – quick setup, inexpensive and above all commission-free!

Advantages of the internet booking engine:

  • No commissions, fixed monthly fee
  • Responsive & intuitive
  • Easy data maintenance with the self-administration program
  • No training or previous knowledge necessary
  • Adaptable to your Corporate Identity

Coupon Management VOUCHER

Choose the VOUCHER coupon management and benefit from the best price-performance ratio on the market. VOUCHER is with 29,00 € per month the cheapest voucher system – but you don’t have to make any compromises on features or options!

Add-On channelconnect

Our new channelconnect extension allows you to maintain several booking channels simultaneously.

The data changes are automatically forwarded to the respective hotel portal and also to caesar data & software.

Web Design as marketing and sales tool

The website has become the most important marketing tool for hotels. Potential guests want a clear, structured and above all modern homepage.

Find out now about our web design for hotels: modern & structured!

Online payment directly with room booking

With our partners, your guests can pay for rooms directly when booking online. For this purpose, you can choose from a variety of payment methods and provide your guests with a payment method that allows them to pay directly for the booking: From credit cards to direct debit and Paypal.
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Internet Booking Engine

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