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Internet Booking Engine caesar data 4.0

Nowadays, no hotel should do without online bookability on the hotel’s own website. Simply let guests book directly online with you on the website. Thus, you no longer leave your hotel rooms and their online sales only to the commissionable booking portals.

We offer you the perfect online booking system (IBE) for this purpose.  With just a few clicks, guests can view room categories and availability and then reserve the room they want.

No matter if 2 or 200 rooms, we enable you to quickly use a comprehensive online booking system, without any prior knowledge or training.

The best: All bookings are commission-free! You pay a fixed monthly amount of 29€ – that’s less than 1€ per day!


Fixed monthly amount – no matter how many bookings are received


The booking mask adapts automatically to the end device


You can easily change colors & fonts yourself

caesar data 4.0 Selbstverwaltungsmenü - caesar data & software Direktbuchbarkeit Buchungsmaschine IBE Online-Buchungssystem

The booking mask

  • Completely new design of the booking mask – More modern, more intuitive, more structured & clearer!
  • Integration as iFrame, Pop Up or in an external window.
  • Availability of the online booking mask in 8 languages
  • Automatic display of arrangements in the availability view
  • Several rooms bookable at once
  • More up-selling through illustrated extra services
  • Simultaneous booking of arrangements, hot deals and standard rooms
  • Possibility of integrating arrangements, for example, via a link on the homepage
  • 2 Quick-Check variants – additional query of number of children, age of children & booking code possible

The self-administration menu

  • Completely new design of the self-administration program – More modern, intuitive, structured & clear!
  • Individual customization of the booking mask in the self-administration menu.
  • Free definition of the booking confirmation text – with a variety of mail merge fields
  • Independent upload of any number of room images
  • Easy entry of prices & availabilities for a whole year by means of a fill-in assistant
  • Unlimited number of price categories
  • Creation of room rates per occupancy (double room for single use, quadruple room as double room, etc.)
  • Company rates, discount codes, hot deals, extra services, bonus programs, etc.
  • Individually adjustable & completely flexible prices for arrangements
  • Possibility to integrate channel management systems and hotel software (PMS)
caesar data 4.0 Selbstverwaltungsmenü - caesar data & software Direktbuchbarkeit Buchungsmaschine IBE Online-Buchungssystem

The Quick-Check

Here you can see the quick check. This serves as a quick booking mask and can be integrated as often as desired on the website, so that the guest is taken directly to the availability list in just a few steps. The Quick-Check is available in 3 variants: small, normal or large. The colors and fonts automatically adapt to your booking mask.
Test the new version now! Of course, this does not create fixed bookings, but pure test bookings.
The booking mask can either be integrated as a popup/overlay or, as you can see here below, as an iFrame, so that it integrates perfectly into the website.

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